Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry

Today, I was greatly encouraged to talk with Chuck Holmes, the director of Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry. R.O.C. is excited to find another prison ministry teaching the truth of the gospel.

Check out their website;

ChuckHolmes Chuck Holmes – Directory of Mt. Nebo Prison Ministries

About Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry
Sharing the Gospel without compromising it’s Truth!

“We are grateful and excited for this opportunity to share with you the vision God has given Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry. It is our prayer that we might bring you, your church or organization, a unique opportunity to be involved in impacting the incarcerated believer with the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Our role, by desire and design, is to be a “tool” in the hand of our Lord as He accomplishes His work within the prison system.

This ministry is committed to sharing the Gospel without compromising its truth. We are committed to seeing our great God and Savior glorified through sound biblical teaching. This is done primarily through the books, tracts, materials and tapes that reflect the teaching of our Historic Christian faith. These “tools” are sent to chaplains, religious libraries and individual inmates throughout the prisons in this country.

We offer a 13-chapter workbook called, “Fundamentals of the Faith” that begins to ground believers in the Word. Upon completion they receive a MacArthur Study Bible and an array of materials on how to study Scripture. We also do one-on-one correspondence with inmates for the purpose of discipleship, encouragement and instruction in living a changed life for the glory of God. (*Materials are only available to state and federal facilities. We are not involved at the county or city level.)”

Letter from John MacArthur
From: John MacArthur

To Whom It May Concern:

Very seldom does a ministry come along that captures my heart like Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry. With all the groups in our world that label themselves “Christian,” Mt. Nebo is a breath of fresh air. The difference? A clear, non-compromising commitment to God’s Word. That’s what sets Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry apart. This ministry drives prisoners into the Word of God, and that’s something that is very dear to my heart. I have spent most of my life in a relentless pursuit of knowing what the Bible says. And for over 35 years I have dedicated myself to preaching the Bible and nothing else. So Mt. Nebo’s loyalty to the truth is something that has thrilled my heart from the first moment I met Chuck Holmes.

What a choice servant of the Lord! Chuck is a living testimony to God’s grace and the power of the gospel. He loves Christ, loves truth, and lvoes ministering to prisoners. In fact, his excitement over biblical ministry in the prisons is contagious. Chuck’s love for the Word of God and his desire to see prisoners growing in their knowledge of truth has been an encouragement not only to me, but also to our staff and elders at Grace Community Church. We see Chuck and Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry as important allies in reaching this world for Christ.

The prisons are a tremendous mission field. My hope is that you will be gripped by the potential that prisons offer for the spread of the gospel and the building up of the saints. And I trust that you will consider partnering with Chuck as Mt. Nebo gives prisoners what they need most – the truth that is found only in God’s Word.

Yours for the Master,

John MacArthur


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