A short note from R.O.C.

A note from a Relying On Christ volunteerpic-with-bible     

     ROC, relying on Christ, lives up to its name. Without Him we would not be able to minister God’s truth and His love to these precious women. He is so faithful in bringing speakers, worship leaders and prayer warriors to our monthly Sunday worship services. Last month we were all so blessed to hear from a former inmate who has continued to walk with the Lord and who encouraged the ladies to continue to walk with Him especially once they are released. The ladies were elated to meet someone who made it with the Lord’s help.

Wednesday night Bible Studies are equally exciting. We have so many ladies attending that sometimes we have to turn some away because of limits on attendance due to limited space. The spiritual growth we see in these ladies is so very encouraging. Bibles and pens in hand they come ready to hear what the Spirit has to say to them. The discussions, the questions, the comments and the personal testimonies of God’s work in their lives bless our hearts to no end. We have studied the Faith chapter in the Book of Hebrews and what James has to say about faith, and we are currently going through the Book of Esther. In their weekly prayer requests they pour out the cries of their hearts and the praise and thanksgiving in their spirits, and we on the outside can see how difficult it is for these women to endure the separation from their families.

We have said goodbye to several of the ladies and continue to pray for their close walk with the Lord on the outside, reconciliation with family members, and success in finding jobs, housing, and all the appropriate necessities for living in a world without razor fences and dull green uniforms. Please continue to pray for these ladies. Most of them will be leaving us at some time and we sincerely want them to succeed in their lives, especially spiritually.



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