The Master’s Chosen Slaves


A few notes from Pastor Dan’s sermon to the women:

The Master chooses His slaves. The slave doesn’t choose his Master.

God chose Noah to build the ark. Noah did not come to God saying I will build an ark for you God. Noah was given grace.

God chose Abraham out of his family’s idol making factory and he didn’t even know where he was going. God changed his name to Abraham. Abraham didn’t request to be chosen.

God chose Moses to go back to Egypt. Moses did not go to God and ask if he could go back to set his people free.

Pastor Dan read a true story from the 1800’s stating the desire of a slave who wanted to be purchased by a worthy master. Nothing he could do or say would make the master purchase him. The same is true for us. There is nothing in us that would cause Christ to purchase us as His chosen slave. It is by grace alone, through Christ alone and for God’s glory alone.

Master’s chose and purchased their slaves. Our Master paid a heavy price for His chosen slaves. He paid for us with the price of Christ’s blood.

He read through the beginning letters of Romans, James, Peter, Jude, Revelation and how each one opens the scriptures stating they are a slave (bondservant/servant) of God and Christ Jesus.

If we are a slave of Christ’s know we were bought with a price; may we not become slaves of men.

Who is our Master?

Serve Him!


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