A Worśhip Service

“Good morning.” “God bless you.” “Thanks for coming.” “Nice to see you.” They just kept on filing through the door of the gym — the ladies in green, a few in orange. We were amazed at all the ladies who chose to be at a worship service in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, May the 4th.

They could have slept in, or stayed in their rooms, watching television or whatever else they do while incarcerated. But they chose to spend their Sunday morning with the body of Christ in worshipping Him through praise and hearing of the Word.


Sunday’s service was a collaboration between various prison ministry volunteers. Ultimately, however, it was ordered by God Himself for His glory. His leaders demonstrated the great mercy of God in bringing dead, blind people to Himself in His sovereign work of salvation. A devotional message from Ephesians 1-3 reminded us that we need to remember who we are in Christ so that we can walk in the hope of His promises for us. A couple led us in worship songs, helped along by some of the bible study attendees. I shared a message about the miracle of salvation as recorded in the story of the dying thief who went to be with Jesus in Paradise immediately after dying on the cross. The service ended with communion. The elements were distributed and a very solemn silence swept through the gym as we examined ourselves before partaking of the symbolic elements of the Lord’s Supper. Finally, a call to private and individual prayer brought the service to an end. It was, indeed, a blessing to all who participated in this very special time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

(Written and shared from a chosen and called out volunteer)


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