Celebrating His Resurrection!

“When Christ is preached the hearts of them which are elect and chosen begin to wax soft and melt at the bounteous mercy of God.”

—William Tyndale


As we pray for those He has called us to minister to we see and know He is choosing and calling them out of darkness. We never know how He will  call those out of darkness but we do know it is by His Holy Spirit and through the hearing of His Word. He opens their eyes to see Him.

1 Peter 1:23 says we are born again through the living and abiding word of God. This is why it is so important to preach and teach the Word. We, who believe He has risen and is alive, must boldly march forward with His gospel message.

This morning the service filled up with 104 ladies. Some came to hear His Word, some came to worship Him, some came to see friends, some came seeking and others came just because it was Easter. We know that God is the one that provides the soil for the seed to grow so we rely on Him.

The women were first allowed time to share what they knew about His resurrection. Then they heard the message of what happened and why was His resurrection is so important? If His resurrection were not real where would their hope be?  Lamont taught them on the history of the resurrection and how it is true. They can believe it! There were many questions and answers as the truth of His resurrection and His Word was opened up and proclaimed. May His Spirit continue to work and reveal these truths to those who are coming, seeking and hungering.

One woman, who has claimed to be an atheist for fifty years, was called out of her darkness today.  Last  month she came with no Bible and was just watching to see what the services were all about. She didn’t participate in our communion or any of the service but sat silently, watching and listening. This morning as she walked in I greeted her. She quickly held up a Bible claiming it was her request for one to be sent in from her family and sharing how she thought it would be a good idea to have a Bible if she continues to come to the services. At the end of the service she came forward to speak with me. She proclaimed, “I am a fifty year old atheist but He has been tugging at me and calling me out,” as tears ran down her face. “I really want to hear Him and know Him.”  We prayed.
Please, continue to pray for her and the others who are being chosen and called out of their darkness. May they truly be justified by His Holy Spirit. May they than repent, turn from, believe and confess in the One true Savior Who is alive!  May He feed them and transform their lives with His Word as He has done for us.
Glory to our Lord Jesus who came full of grace and truth.

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