Vital Signs of a Christian 


A Distinct Testimony

A Christian’s life- style will be easily distinguishable from the world’s… If your life didn’t change when you were supposedly saved, then you aren’t really a Christian.

An Obedient Life

A child of God is characterized by obedience … You will have an overwhelming desire to submit to God’s Word. Paul hungered to obey God’s Word, even though sin was always tugging at him (Rom. 7:15-25).

…you will think differently…A believer doesn’t even desire to hurt anyone–let alone kill–because he has a different heart. God promises that when you become redeemed, He “will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and … will give you an heart of flesh.”

Evidence of salvation is always present in a true believer.

Sincere Worship

A believer demonstrates the right kind of worship. His worship of God is genuine, in contrast to that of the Pharisees, whose only concern was attracting attention to their spirituality. A Christian gives of his resources because He loves God, not because he craves public recognition.

A Biblical Perspective of Money and Materialism

The citizens of Christ’s Kingdom don’t love money: they do not lay up for themselves “treasures upon earth”. They refuse to serve money because they know it’s impossible to serve both it and God. If you have committed your life to acquiring wealth, you are not a servant of God. If you are a friend of the world, you are an enemy of God. If you love the world, the love of the Father is not in you. Christians are not to be preoccupied with the necessities of life. They know God takes care of those things.

An Uncritical Love of Others

Genuine believers have good relationships. They don’t constantly misjudge other people and act pious toward them while ignoring their own problems. Christians are known for loving others.

Most people don’t want to meet those conditions. They want to do things their way… Many people enter through the wide gate because they can take their baggage of good works and self-righteousness with them…

The Greek word translated “hard” literally means “compressed.” You have to strip yourself of everything to go through the narrow gate.

A Deceptive Illusion of Eternal Life 

If you still cling to your worldliness and self-righteousness, you’re on the wrong road.

The foolish man built a beautiful house; his religion looked good. He is one of those who prophesied, cast out demons, and did wonderful works but never came to God on His terms.

What a disaster it would be to come before Christ on Judgment Day and discover you are sentenced to hell because you didn’t come to Him His way! Examine yourself to see whether you are in the faith. As Peter said, “Be all the more diligent to make certain about His calling and choosing you” 2 Peter 1:10

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