The Gospel Of John: John The Baptist; a witness to the Light.

Our study in the Gospel According to John continues…

We have read how Christ is the Word, the Life, the Light, and how He is God.  Also we’ve read how John’s purpose for writing this Gospel is so others may believe. John’s gospel presents Christ as the Son of God. John shows us the salvation that Jesus offers and men who believe. John also will reveal some men who reject Him. This week, however, our study was of a man who was chosen (before birth) to be a witness to the Light.

(John 1:6-8)  These scripture verses introduce us to John the Baptist.  In these verses we’re able to learn many things about John the Baptist; his purpose, his character, and his witness.


The  ministry of this John was to baptize and to witness. He was chosen to be a herald of God’s Kingdom. Based on John the Baptist’s testimony we see he was a true witness of the true Light, Jesus Christ.  John the Baptist we know was only able to baptize as a sign where in only JESUS is able to change us with His true baptism.

John was a man. He was not the Light. He was humble in how he viewed himself. James M. Boice put it correctly when he stated we could learn a lot from John the Baptist.  Boice stated, “Whenever a man thinks there is something important about him(self) he will always cease to be effective as Christ’s witness.”  This truth is why John the Baptist knew that he must decrease and Christ Jesus must increase. John the Baptist was very humble.

Three main themes in John 1:6-8 to see on John the Baptist;

1. He is not the Light. (John 1:19-28  John made it clear to whom he was not when questioned by the Pharisees)

2. He bears witness to the Light. (John 1:29-34 He shows how Jesus is the Lamb of God and takes away the sins of the world)

3. Why? So men might believe in Christ Jesus as the Light. (John 1:35-51 – Jesus calls His chosen disciples)

Being a witness for Christ Jesus is not simply about living out our testimony. To witness we must speak to others about Jesus Christ and verbally testify to who He is. We found and read many scriptures on who, what, why, and how we witness to and tell others about Christ.

1. Who Jesus Christ is.

2. What Jesus Christ said about the depravity of man’s nature.

3. Why His death and resurrection are the essential elements and the solution to the problem of man’s sin and depravity.

4. How one comes into a relationship with Jesus Christ personally.

All of these witnessing tools must be acted upon by looking to God alone. His Word equips us for all of these.  Only our LORD is able to shed His Light upon the hearts of men and bring about understanding and it is those whom He choses to reveal himself to (Matthew 11:27, Luke 10:12).  We must trust His calling in the life of those we witness to while covering all of our words in prayer.  Also we need to be in prayer for the other persons response by faith.

Remember as Boice says, “Witnessing is not about winning the argument but about winning the person to the Lord.”   As we witness may our words always be pointing to, and focusing on, Christ Jesus our Lord and not ourself or anyone else.




… to be continued


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