The Goodness Of God

psalm 73

As the Pastor preached  (Psalm 73) on Sunday he taught the women the real tragedy of the wicked and the blessed hope of those whose trust is in their God.

Asaph questions why good things happen to bad people.   He is wondering why are those living life against God’s commands seemingly being blessed and having life easy while those of us who persevere on His righteous path have struggles?

In Psalm 73 we are reminded of God’s faithfulness to those who are pure in heart.  His affirming hand is revealed as Asaph comes to terms with the goodness of God.  In this Psalm Asaph declares that God is good.

Asaph admits how he truly came to envy those who were boastful, arrogant, and seemingly prospering and increasing in wealth while living in sin. They seemed to be enjoying comfort, had no troubles, or plagues. They were covering their pride with more pride. They even paraded their pride through the streets while being blasphemous against God.

2 Peter 3 tells us much the same story of how men are scoffing God and continue to live in their sinful desires assuming He is not the God of the Bible who brings down judgement. They doubt God really is who He says He is. They doubt the Day of the Lord will come.

Asaph speaks of anguish as the Psalm continues. He questions why he is doing God’s works. What are their purposes? What is his purpose? Are these works all just in vain? Does the Lord even see what he is doing?  Yet, even in his distress he refuses to speak against God and cause others to stumble.  Asaph knows that his very life, his actions, his response, and his words are a witness to other generations of God’s children.

In the Psalm we examine Asaph’s heart change and watch as he comes into the presence of God. Now Asaph is shown his understanding of the ultimate end of the wicked. He is thinking differently of  his views of the ones who openly scoff at God. They will slip. They will fall. They will be destroyed. They are not in charge of the outcome of their own lives.  Asaph shows that God defines our future and life, not man.  God will triumph over His enemies.

As the Psalm ends we see Asaph continuing his walk of faith with God. He now has an eternal perspective. The men who are far from God will perish. Those who are His children will continue to be hidden under His wings and live in a refuge of their God. The nearer we are to God, the more we know His Word, we will become less tempted by wickedness.

Romans 8:28 tells us that for those who love God all things work together for good “…for those who are called according to His purpose.” Note it does not say for all but for those who are called according to His purpose.  Are you one of those, His chosen?

There may be days when some of us may question why good things happen to bad people as Asaph did.  May we come to rest in and know their ultimate end is destruction. May we keep the faith that He has given to us by His power (2 Cor. 2:5) and be the example for the next generation of His chosen children.


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