John: A Son of Thunder is tempered into a Disciple whom Jesus Loved.

whom jesus loved

Matthew wrote about the Genealogy of Christ to show Him as the Messiah. Mark tells us about our Servant Jesus. Luke exposes us to the Humanity of Jesus the Son of Man.  It is John; however, who reveals to us that Jesus is the Son of God.  John reveals Jesus as the divine and Supreme Being, the deity.  We read how Eternal God has become human. The Creator has become part of His Creation. Eternal God has become flesh. John gives us the heavenly view of Christ Jesus.

As we begin our study in the book of John we first needed to look at who John was. John was mentioned twenty times in the other Gospels.  He was called, “Son of Thunder” in Mark 3:17.  We know John wrote the Gospel According to John as the Holy Spirit inspired him.   Other books in the New Testament John wrote are 1, 2, & 3 John and Revelation.  We believe all these were, again, written under the inspiration of God and His Holy Spirit.

As a Son of Thunder we hear John had a passion for truth (Mark 9:38) but also a temper (as shown in Luke 9:54) where he wanted to call down fire from heaven because others were not following them. One commentary says, “their actions were heightened by the feeling that what seemed to them an act of marvelous condescension was thus rudely repelled.”  This response was based on their feelings.  We know acting out of our “feelings” often gets us into trouble.  We also know tempers often can have painful consequences such as Moses who struck the rock and wasn’t permitted to enter the Promised Land.  John, we learn, was zealous (thunderous) for the truth but his attitude was said to be narrower than the Truth.  John was loud, explosive, and overpowering hence he was called a Son of Thunder.

It has been stated, “Confidence and boldness, untempered by compassion and grace, can quickly turn to pride and smugness. Confidence is a wonderful virtue, but without humility, it can become self-confidence, which can lead to boasting and an attitude of exclusiveness. When that happens, our witness of the grace of God is tainted, and others see in us exactly the kind of person they wish not to be. Like John, if we are to be effective witnesses for Christ, our demeanor should be one that reflects a passion for the truth, compassion for people, and a steadfast desire to serve and represent our Lord by reflecting His humility and grace.”

God created John to be passionate but He also, in time, would temper John’s thunder with love. We know the Word of God tells us in 1 Cor. 13 if we do not have love we are nothing.  Without love when we speak we are just making a bunch of noise. This is a lesson John had to first learn before he was referred to as, “The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved.”  In the Gospel of John we read how much John wants us to believe the Truth. John writes about Jesus love and he wants us to also love the Lord Jesus.  John teaches us how to have fellowship with Jesus.  This truth about love and true fellowship with Jesus was something John learned first hand.

To gain some more informtion about who John was listen to this sermon; John: Thunder Tempered.


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