His Sovereignty is our comfort.


The Sovereignty of God is a comfort to our heart and brings stability to our Christian character.

Knowing that His will cannot be thwarted or that our God does not ever change His mind should be our peace. He goes before us in ministry and He is undefeated. No amount of men’s conspiracies, schemes, plots, anger, or human control will stop His good, pleasing and perfect will. His wisdom and love are always in action with His sovereignty. Trusting in His Sovereignty allows us to not operate in a spirit of fear. Today, too few really believe or trust in the sovereignty of God. This does not mean it is not true.

His reign will not cease. He will not change His mind. He is the One who knows when each person will take their first breath, if they will have their name written in the Book of Life, and when they will take their last breath. It is not dependent upon us but upon the Sovereigty of God. Yes, we may be called to good works but they were prepared for us before we were even born. It is never, however, based upon any of our skills, abilities, teachings, preachings, plans, or power that any one man is converted. He seperates the true believers from the false believers. He is the Head of the church, not man.

He sees all. He is all. We are unable to thwart one plan of His. He is in need of nothing. But each one of us is in need of Him. He has all authority to open ears and eyes, to close ears and eyes, to grant salvation, to harden hearts, and to scatter people. He rules over hearts of stone. He is over hearts of flesh. No enemy is in control over Him. He is in control over His enemies. He always has been. Nothing is impossible for Him. He is without end. He is God. He is the Sovereign One.

Again, knowing there is a complete Sovereign God is a comfort to our heart and brings stability to our Christian character. Amen!!!


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