Joshua’s Life Lessons: Mentoring


As our study in Joshua continues we are learning many lessons from the story of  his life.  Joshua watched and learned a lot from his mentor, Moses.  May All the Glory be to God as He continues to teach us in His truth.  It is a comfort to taste and see His Sovereign hand in the life of the Israelites and rest knowing His hand is upon our life too.  May our eyes be opened to see how much these stories parallel with all our Lord has done and accomplished for those who are in Christ Jesus.

“Joshua is a prime example of the benefits of a worthy mentor. For years he remained close to Moses. He watched Moses as he followed God in an almost flawless manner. He learned to pray. He learned how to obey through the example of Moses. Joshua also learned from the negative example that cost Moses the joy of actually entering the Promised Land. If you are alive, you are a mentor. Someone, somewhere, is watching you. Someone that you are influencing is seeing how you live and how you react. Someone is learning from you. Someone will follow your example. Mentoring is far more than the words that are spoken by the mentor. Our entire life is on display.”


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