Life Lessons From Joshua

We have been reading, studying, and learning a lot about the character of our Holy God over the past few months through our studies in the book of Joshua. Here are just a few of the life lessons; Faith, Courage, Victory, Defeat, Discipline, Obedience, Restoration, and Provision.

joshua courage

We have witnessed how the Israelites were learning first hand how to completely trust and obey God in all things. They needed to trust God through all their circumstances, in their wars, battles, for providing their provisions, and believing He was going to be with them in their future. They also needed to trust God in who He had placed in authority over them. We have learned how He puts His exact authority over us for His purpose. We could see how their lessons of obeying authorities and rules parallels with our life. Obeying was vital for them even when they disagreed with the commands (laws/rules) or thought they seemed a little foolish (Joshua 7).

We have learned how He exposes our sins no matter how hidden we may think they are. He will even expose those tiny sins hidden deep inside our hearts. It may be anger, jealousy, and pride that others don’t see – but God does. If our small hidden sins and attitudes are allowed to build over time they will come out of us somewhere. His Word tells us out of the abundance of our hearts our mouth speaks. Our true heart condition will always lead us in our actions. Out will come all of our hidden sins. These actions show us where our real faith is. Is our trust lying in our circumstances, our own strength and ability, others actions, or do we base our peace and joy on how we feel others are treating us? True joy, comfort, peace, strength, victory, freedom, and hope only come when we have placed our confidence fully in WHO GOD IS.

As we continue our studies through the book of Joshua we will continue to witness His faithfulness and holiness in each and every circumstance. We will see how He is our victory in battle. We will see how He restores fellowship. When we disobey He exposes our sins, disciplines us, and we need to rejoice as it is for our own good. When we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.

Joshua 1- Preparing for Leadership; Courage

Joshua 2- Go and Conquer

Joshua 3- Crossing The Jordan River

Joshua 4- Remembering

Joshua 5- Commitment

Joshua 6-Victory & Salvation

Joshua 7- Defeat & Sin

Applying all of these Bible lessons to our daily life is a must. He is faithful to guide us. He is faithful to protect us. He is faithful to expose our sins. He is faithful to forgive us our sins and restore us into His Perfect Peace. He is faithful to provide us with everything we need. It may not be what we want but He knows far better exactly what we need.

This new year as we boldly continue onward in Chapter 8 we will see how to Face Sin Head On. Living on the journey we know He is always with us. It is His guiding through these life lessons (by His Spirit) from His Word that is transforming our hearts, minds, and souls. We really are able to count it all joy as He is ever faithful to instruct us in His truth and righteousness. May we continue to trust Him as He lives in us and through us. We truly could have no greater joy than to be children who walk in truth.

He is forever faithful and holy.


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