Not everyone who says, “LORD, LORD!” are His!

As we go forth teaching His word we must remember to be about truth. Some will tell us that as long as people are saying they are “Christians” it is all good. Many think if their ministry is growing bigger, more people are joining, more people are giving money etc. than it must be good. This is not necessarily truth according to God’s word. Matthew 7:13&14 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  Just look at the religions we know to be false religions and how quickly they are all growing. Muslims is one of the fastest growing faiths today.

Sadly, however, the most dangerous teachings isn’t with Muslims, Wiccan’s, or Atheists. Many know them to be false. It is in those who claim to be Christian and are teaching mistruths. “The most deadly onslaught against the Gospel comes from people who pretend to be Christians (wolves) not from atheists and agnostics.”  With this said we must be on guard. We must protect our hearts, minds, and souls from those to whom are teaching and training falsely those things which are not in His Word.  We, too, must be alert when listening to those teaching around us or when we, too, teach others.

 “Spiritual Terrorists within the church pose a far more serious threat than hostile forces on the outside” ~ Macarthur


Read Revelation 2 & 3

He searches and tests our minds and hearts.  God knows what is truly important and valuable to us. Is it building an image for ourselves? Is it building popularity? Is it a matter of greater materialism? Is it for simple pleasures? Or is it for Him and His Glory?

God spits out and vomits those who are not true. OUCH! Vomit is a powerful word. These two chapters above are not written to those who are outside of the church but to those wolves who have crept into churches who are misleading. It was written even for those who are being ignorant and not paying attention and just blindly trusting others to do the work. They are guilty of letting the wolves come in and God has spoken directly to them from HIS word. This is serious business to God.  Even the slightest deceptions are not taken lightly by our Holy God.

2 Timothy 2:18 tells us to (SHUN:avoid deliberately) turn away from unrighteousness. All throughout scripture we find where God tells us to not join with them. This is anyone who is not teaching truth.  Untruth being taught is unrighteousness. The world will tell us over and over to just be their friends.  Jeremiah 23 says do not listen to them. So we go about pleasing man instead of being bold and standing up for the truth of His Word. But they use some or mostly truth you may say. Did we not hear Satan himself use a little bit of truth with Eve in the garden and with Christ in the desert?

We may continue relationships God has shown us to not have as we don’t want to “hurt’ anyone. We are afraid to stand alone. We look and it seems everyone else is doing it so it must be ok. Right?? We no longer compare the Word with what is happening around us. We don’t listen to the part of the word in Galatians 5:9 where He says a little leaven ruins the entire batch. It is just a little error we may think. Do we even realize that just a few false teachers can destroy the entire concept of WHO CHRIST JESUS IS?

When we refuse to listen to and follow God’s Holy Word where He tells us all throughout scripture to FLEE from them, be away from, having nothing to do with them.  We than may be guilty of those actions God speaks of in Revelation 2 & 3.

2 Timothy 2:22 tells us to pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord with a pure heart.

May we take our God called mission serious. May we stay focused on our FIRST LOVE and not get side tracked in a popularity contest. May we have discernment to see the mistruths being spoken and taught around us. May we depend fully on Him to guide and teach us. May we know we are NOT OUR OWN. May we battle for truth with HIS SPIRIT and POWER. May HE give us the strength to endure to the end.

In Christ Jesus we are able to rest, stand, live, and hope.  It is by His Spirit we will see the enemy as He is.


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