heartof praise

HEART OF PRAISE by John Watilo

Couldn’t sleep, all last night I lay in bed awake
Haunted by a revelation that I could not shake
That all these things I do for You
Well, they don’t mean a thing
If I have lost the joy
That comes from the love You bring

Put in me a heart of praise
That never ceases to marvel
At Your wondrous ways
A heart of praise
Created for Your glory
Let me serve You all my days
With a heart of praise

I close my eyes and think about those early days
With every breath a gift from You and my lips so full of praise
And if I’ve grown so much in You
How could I be so blind?
Oh, help me find the first love
That I somehow left behind

Every day let me find another reason
To thank You for Your boundless grace
Until my earthly days are finally over
And I have won the race
And I see You face to face


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