She is FREE!

Today, is a glorious day! The sky is brighter and the sunshine is amazing. This day, is the DAY the Lord has made, and WE ARE REJOICING and being GLAD IN IT!!

Six years ago I met one of the most amazing children and daughters God has ever created. She is a woman who lives out HIS amazing strength and great character daily. Her beauty comes from deep within and radiates outward as He is her stronghold.

I have had the awesome privilege of watching her life bend, submit, surrender, obey, laugh, cry, hurt, blossom, armor up, pray, stand, fight, remain steadfast, and now truly CELE BRATE and CHEER! Yes, through so many dangers, toils, and snares surrounded by an incredible strength, love, and humility she has already come and He has faithfully brought her through each one making her stronger and allowing her to shine brighter than before. His GRACE pours over her.

Today, we rejoice and celebrate, as she is a 100% free sister. She no longer has a number, it is GONE, and now she just has a FOREVER NAME.

Today, this post, is for her.

I love you my Wapooshite, sister in arms, and warrior friend.



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