How may they come to know Him?

This morning I woke thinking, and praying, for a woman who attended our Life Group Bible Study last night that she may come to know HIM, Jesus, in a personal way so she will know and believe who her Father is. Much discussion and honest thoughts were shared last night as she admitted to not yet being where she believed in a mighty God, a God who created her. She just wasn’t sure yet. Her honest seeking was apparent and refreshing knowing when her faith becomes real, it will be real, not just a following of the crowd but it will be a very personal life changing experience that only a HOLY GOD can do.

We also had an officer who attended our study for a lengthy time. She stood quietly by listening to a discussion about Job and his blameless life. Was his life sinless or blameless? Was he like Christ or not? Than she asked what book (Bible) we were teaching out of. The subject of varying translations came up. She wanted to know who King James was and why did he write a Bible etc. She wanted to know why she couldn’t write a Bible and publish thousands of copies? Her hearts desire was pure to know the true God and what His Word says. This got the conversation going to the various translations but also how we are not to add to His word or take away from it. How anything we say, do, or teach others of His truth we are accountable to Him, our Almighty God, for. If we’re misleading people, or writing a Bible to say what we want it to say, we are in danger of being judged by GOD. We are accountable to Him for keeping His Word true. We talked about how there are many false teachings/prophets misleading people by words they claim to be Gods. Jeremiah 23 shows us warning against following such false prophets and the judgments they bring upon themselves for such acts.

The closing thought was to not be spending so much effort in arguing over the right translation, as we should be seeking Him. He is the One who will show us, reveal His Truth to us, makes us Know Him and His Word. Moses didn’t carry around a Bible but He had the WORD. His Word LIVES within us when He makes His Life, Holy Spirit, come and dwell within us.

So our prayer today is for those who may NOT know Him and yet are still seeking. Matthew 5:6 says those who hunger and thirst will be filled. So this is our prayer for them. May they be given the Divine, Holy Spirit, and revelation of their Savior. May others be given the truth, not from a specific “books” standpoint but from HIS HOLY WORD’s standpoint. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. May they hear His knock, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and know Him.  May HIS WORD continue to spread mightily in these prisons.

God is drawing them; hungry, thirsty and they are seeking HIS TRUTH!! The women are opening up, eagerly listening, and sharing their hearts in honesty. Some know Him, others doubt Him, and yet they all come together to hear HIS WORD. His Life is changing lives.

Keep praying without ceasing!

Love you all mightily with HIS LOVE, POWER, and SOUND MIND,

The R.O.C. Team


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