When the elephant sits on your chest.

LORD, we know you are here but why is the elephant sitting on our chest?

We cry for our friends. Yes, this truly has been a rough few days, weeks, and month for us and many of our friends. Come, Jesus, come to touch our hearts, minds, and souls.

So many of our friends hearts have been broken these past few days as their children have become severely ill, a hope a couple had been clinging to was crushed and changed, there was the loss of a husband, a friend, a friend’s fiance, a brother died, and another child passed away unexpectedly. Life’s hopes and dreams change, pain happens, death is a reality, but You, our God, will remain faithful and unchanged by it all.

Jesus, we know you promised to never leave us nor forsake us. We know you are here. You tell us the desires of our hearts will be ours as we trust in You. So, we will wait on you. We will count in all joy in these heartaches and know your strength within us is enough for today as we cry, we grieve, we wait patiently knowing You will still, and forever, be Lord of all.

We hope, we pray, and we ultimately know this heavy elephant will remove his body from our chest so we can breath again.


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