WE are the BODY!

Sometimes hours are spent preparing to bring a message of Hope forward. There are hours spent before the Lord praying and seeking His will. He pours into our mind, heart, and spirit exactly what He would have us to share and say. The Lord blessed us with the gift of an amazing family that serves one another.

Today, as I poured over His word and let His spirit direct me our precious daughter prepared me a wonderful meal and fed me breakfast. As HE fed my soul He allowed me to be fed a meal by the hands of our precious daughter. To GOD be the glory. She served me with a smile, joy, and not a complaining heart. May God bless her for her servants heart.

Today, I wanted to make sure to let all of you out there know, who are part of the family, of His church, but go unnoticed, there never is a one man ministry, not one, we are all part of a team. We have prayer warriors, financial support, encouragement, teachers, an army of volunteers, and our very family that stands up behind the walls of any ministry. The walls of every single prison we are in will have battles.

Without all of us, working together as He has called, not one woman would be being ministered to inside the gates and for this we say, THANK YOU!! Oh, yes, We know He could do it, Himself, but He chooses to call, and equip, His children to serve His children. He called Moses, David, Ruth, Peter, and Paul to serve one another just as He, Jesus, too came to serve.

We are family! We are the body!

We pray a blessing on each one who is unseen and doing all that the Lord has called them to do wether they are praying, supporting, or encouraging as you are all helping hold up the armor and without the body working together, in harmony. He couldn’t do His greatest work without us serving one another in LOVE. May we continue working together as a team, a mighty team, of armed warriors. Thank you to each and every one of you for all you do for HIS KINGDOM!

In HIS body of LIFE.


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