We are studying the book of James now inside. It is coming alive. We love to see the word bring LIFE to the women as we dig deeper into HIS truth.

We see that trials and temptations come. A trial is sometimes allowed by the hand of God to build greater character in us. Some trials are results of our own sin and others have nothing to do with a choice of ours but are allowed to build more dependence upon the Savior.

The enemy comes along with his temptations to provide us with a solution to our trial. The evil temptations can lead us quickly into a path of destruction as we attempt to feed our lusts (pride, protecting our self-image, self desires and wants, coveting etc.) and they when full grown bring forth death because we are not fully relying on Christ and in turn we put our hope on something, or someone, but not in HIM. He is our ability to do what His word says and trust with faith in the plans He has for us as we lean not on our own understanding. It is not in our own ability, wisdom, riches, strengths, or talents but in HIM alone. His Grace covers us, His spirit fills us, and He leads us when we listen and follow. When we are weak HE is strong.

Joy is only able to be ours when we are dependent upon our Savior and not any man or thing. As Paul teaches us in His word (1 Corinthians 2:12,13) it is His Spirit who teaches us, not man, and His spirit is the ONE who gives us pure joy. The difference between joy and happiness is simple. Happiness is dependent on something (things, people, actions, self) and Joy is dependent on someONE, the ONE and only.

May you all be blessed as you daily trust in HIM fully and COUNT IT ALL JOY!!


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