Christmas Letters…

Today, I received three Christmas letters. They all were filled with memories, stories of praises, and stories of struggles through the past year. Each family was unique and yet each one celebrating the birth of our Savior and Lord JESUS CHRIST.

I thought, today, I want to share with you a Christmas story from one of our sisters inside. Some of their stories are full of joy and some of sorrow but this one is a message of our sister reaching out to the HOPE of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. It is a message of her sins being made as white as snow.

Her life history has been full of pain and abuse most Christmas’. It was wrapped up by a lifetime of poor choices. This week she was sentenced to twenty more years. Her family and friends have quit calling, writing, and visiting long ago. She sits alone most days. But she faithfully comes to Bible study every week carrying her much worn Bible that was never even opened before prison. She comes in the room each week with a sincere smile and lights up the room with her joy for her hope isn’t in spending her Christmas with family, receiving many of her favorite gifts, eating ham and Christmas cookies, or in watching parades on television but her hope is with JESUS. She savors sitting at His feet, listening to the truth of His word, knowing that He does have a plan and a future for her. Knowing she was fearfully and wonderfully created inside her mothers womb brings her comfort. Knowing that she has been fully forgiven and there is now no more condemnation as she rests in the power of Christ Jesus and His blood. Knowing she is loved by the almighty God and creator of the universe with a love that never fails always lifts her spirits. She smiles when she leaves Bible studies to return to her unit knowing her sleep will be sweet. Her heart has been broken in many pieces and each part has been healed and made new. He has lifted her up out of the pits and given her a new song. He has conquered her every battle and moved her forward through what the enemy thought would destroy her. Jesus now uses her to spread the HOPE to many others. Her life shines JESUS. Though her sins were great they are now made as white as snow and she has been given a beautiful gift of the promise of one day walking, while clothed in a robe of white, on streets of gold with her Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.

This is the Christmas letter of joy, hope, and peace that I wanted to share with you today.



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