Grazing in Amazing!!

How precious and priceless are those times when we get to be in the stillness of His power and see what He has done and is doing around us.

Yes, these moments are some of the most precious, awe inspiring, and breath talking moments in our walk with our savior. These moments and glimpses are much like finally arriving at the top of a huge mountain, the clouds break as we are turning around, and than we see everything that is below, behind, and ahead of us clearly for miles.

A m A z I n G!

It is amazing He gives us these opportunities to look and see what He is doing.

But why do we still find it so completely amazing that we are allowed to be a witness to what HE does?

Why are we in awe of how much HE protects HIS SHEEP? He is our one true Master SHEPHERD.

Why are we amazed at how WIDE He opens GATES? He tells us we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

Why does it blow us away at how faithfully HE provides for every single detail of our life? As He tells us He knows the plans He has for us and that He will never leave us.

Why does it boggle our mind to see and know that NOT ONE weapon formed against us prevails time and time again as it is written in His word and His word does not lie.

Yet, somehow, it still all remains just AMAZING! Why? Because HE IS GOD and we are not!

So, with all this said, today let’s just take time to graze in HIS amazing things He has done and is about to do for us today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows yet to come.

May all of you be blessed and amazed.

The R.O.C. Team


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