Show me Your glory!!

If life was based on circumstances and emotions this week would have been a landscape of mountains and valleys. Highs and lows filled the time over the past few days. To see HIS Glory in abundance was the consistency, the foundation, the hope I clung to this week.

I was witness to the mighty transformed and changed life of a gang member. I wept with the broken spirit of another woman who couldn’t handle the crime she committed. I ached for another friend and the hunger to see her adopted children who remain in a country across the ocean. I cried with a friend whose character was attacked. I celebrated with joy of answered prayers. I wept for a family who lost their daddy right before Christmas.

Despite the good, the bad, and the ugly HIS grace and GLORY filled my week with a consistency I am unable to contain. I was able to see HOPE and see JOY even in the midst of all the sorrow and pain. I was witness to see healing, see mercy, see grace in the matter of a few days.

This morning I am amazed that He even allows me to see His hand upon others, that He cares for each one, that He walks with me through this life and that He has called me HIS own.

My cry this morning is that He would continue to SHOW ME HIS GLORY!!

How GREAT is our GOD!

In His embrace,

The R.O.C. Team


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