Where are you Christmas?

Yes, it is true and I am ducking from any of you who really dislike seeing Christmas this early. Today, I am writing about Christmas and it isn’t even the middle of November yet.

Recently, I spoke with a friend about why so many people “lose it” or take their lives this time of year. Why is there so much domestic abuse that happens over the Holiday season?

I have come to the conclusions that there are two sides to Christmas. Just as their are two sides to our Spiritual lives. We are either alive in Christ or walking dead in sin. Either they know CHRIST as their savior, are filled with rich memories, and joyfully celebrate this Christmas season or they are broken, filled with memories of sadness and sorrow, trapped within a severe sickness, or they don’t even know of a Savior who is the real reason for the Christmas season.

Some may remember their years past as heartbroken Christmas after heartbroken Christmas of having nothing, no tree, no presents, no father to come home through the door, no mother who loving tucked them into bed the night before, no joy filled mornings of presents and sweet aromas filling the kitchen. Maybe they remember the years of serving over a family member while they were in their sickness. Perhaps they lost a family member right around Christmas time and the pain of celebrating without them is too much to endure. Their Holiday could be surrounded by the feeling of guilt of even attempting to be “joy” filled or hopeful during this so called happy time of the year.

But Christmas shouldn’t be about all of the wrapped presents under the tree, the food that adorns the tables, cutting down their tree, or staying up late with the family that laughs until 2:00 a.m. … or should it??

Everyone should be given the ability to rejoice in the day and know who JESUS is, why He came, and what He did. Yes, He was born a baby in the most humble of circumstances and yet He overcame. He lived a humble life with nothing to eat some days and yet He overcame. He was beaten, falsely accused, saw death, saw pain, saw rejection and yet He overcame. He saw sickness and hopelessness daily and He overcame. He died and He rose again. Jesus is where our hope of Christmas should be.

Today, I challenge you to pick a family, a friend, a neighbor, or someone you meet in Wal-mart and make their Christmas have a memory that is joy filled. Give the gift of life to them. Give them JESUS. Give them a glimpse of some hope. Whether you start faithfully praying for them, give them a special gift, invite them over for dinner, or just share the gospel story…give some hope to them so this season they don’t have to stay stuck, stranded, or abandoned in their bitter memories of a saddened Christmas past.

Show them Christmas this year … show them Jesus.

In HIS Grip,

The R.O.C. Team


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