Faithful Amid Giants and Egyptians …

We must remain accountable to God and His calling on our lives no matter how many giants or Egyptians come against us.

He is the one who has opened these doors. A friend once shared, “A God thing will continue as a good thing will not.”

We must look to and learn from those servants of God in scripture who stood the test of time for a call on their life.

Look at Moses. He couldn’t run when the Egyptians chased them, he remained faithful when they wandered around for forty years in a hot and dry desert. He had to remain focused to HIS HOLY CALL even to the end.

David couldn’t get freaked out by a giant, a King who wanted him dead, or even become focused on his own sin after his child died. He had to get up again and keep focused on the plan and call before him. The one God had put on his life. It didn’t change.

Joseph couldn’t ever let the stress or lies in life get to him. He had to push through being sold as a slave, being falsely accused, and forgotten. He pressed on believing God had a plan.

Paul’s call was one of the greatest as he could have died many times before. He had more death threats on his life and suffered from real attempts than anyone. He had to keep looking to what the call on His life from God was. He had to remain faithful and true with Christ’s strength and grace.

Their callings never changed, God remained steadfast in His call for their life. Their challenges were real but their God was faithful and greater. Our God was faithful in providing the doors He wanted them to step through, guiding them, and being their forever daily strength. He did not change.

He is still the same God for us today and His call on our life doesn’t change. We may change our mind or choose to flee like Jonah…but it is always God’s will that be done!

Stand firm in the place He has called you too and don’t let others opinions control you. GO and do what He has called you to do. Do not be manipulated or led astray by the opinions of man. Do not let others try to steal the calling He has placed upon your life. No matter how big the giant may be, or how numerous the Egyptians are, our GOD IS BIGGER!!



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