Steal, kill, and destroy …

We have an enemy who is out to try and steal, kill, and destroy. We will know the enemy by his schemes. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. But he CANNOT steal, kill, or destroy what is JESUS’!!!! We are SEALED with the promise!

If you have those who are trying to steal your treasure in Christ from you, please, know it is the enemy. If you have those trying to kill the joy you have in the Lord you must know it is the enemy. If they are trying to destroy the ministry He started and take what is HIS we know it is the enemy.

Many times over the past ten years the enemy has come in like a flood trying to steal, kill, and destroy the ministry JESUS has in R.O.C. and reaching women with the LOVE of Christ but JESUS has raised up a standard against them. We have seen the false prophets come in trying to mislead, the ferocious wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the Pharisees trying to persuade us and the women into a greater bondage of legalism and law.

But Jesus said, “YOU ARE FREE!” Jesus brings His word to our remembrance, He shows us daily what His truth says about who we are, who we trust, and who we lean on.

The enemy has even said to us, “Look at all “I” the enemy will give to you if you just bow down and worship me.”

We shouted, “GET THEE BEHIND US SATAN in the name of JESUS because you are defeated foe.”

The enemies plans are thwarted by our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST as NO PLAN OF HIS WILL BE DESTROYED.

Our victory, trust, peace, strength, and hope isn’t in what man can do for us. Our fear is not what we think man can put up against us. Our security is in what CHRIST JESUS HAS DONE, WILL DO, and IS DOING in and through us daily as we obey HIS word, HIS TRUTH, and trust in HIM ALONE.

The enemy can’t steal what JESUS has planted and made His and the enemy can’t kill or destroy us as we are in Christ JESUS.

Women will hear about His love for them, they will know His forgiveness, and have His strength and power to overcome all things. They will understand it is not in their own strength but through Christ Jesus they will overcome – not they might. They will be set free and chains will break and there will be victory in the lives of many, many women. His will be done!

The law was powerless to do anything for us and that is why God sent us a Mighty Savior. When we are filled with His love, His Spirit, we obey because we want to and not because we have to. JESUS YOU ARE OUR REASON and YOU ARE THIS MINISTRY. There is not one man, thing, or enemy that can come against what GOD Himself ordained and put together. GOD OPENED the DOOR and nobody can shut it.

So, today we again put on the whole armor of God and stand in the TRUTH and POWER of His word knowing that not one weapon formed against any of us, or R.O.C., will prevail. We are HIS daughters and we belong to HIM! This is His ministry and R.O.C. belongs to Him and not any man or enemy. And through each, and every, battle we rise from the fires stronger and more equipped to do HIS WORK.



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