A God thing verses a good thing.

A God thing is something GOD starts, plants, waters, grows, and brings much fruit from. You see and hear all about His fruit and see it in others. It is real and not man made. A good thing is an idea a man has and it will come to an end and will not last. It will cause some to stumble and it will not be a true blessing.

His word tells us that it is HIM who draws His children to Him. It is NOT by our plans or feeble efforts but by HIS CALL. He calls us to minister to others. He calls upon the hearts of man to hear His voice. He opens the ears to hear Him. We can do NOTHING to impress our God. NOTHING. It is all HIM!

I reminded of what Paul said how all he had trained for and done was just filthy rags and nothing. His resume was not carved on tablets of stone but on human hearts for all men to see. It is on the hearts of the men’s lives he had touched by the power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT.

When we walk into the prison gates He is drawing his children to hear His truth and seek HIM out. They come thirsty and hungry and they are filled by HIS doing. He is working and producing the fruit because it is a GOD THING not just a good thing. We rest knowing it is HIS plan and NO PLAN OF HIS will be thwarted.

Oh, to know that our HOLY God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise.

In HIS Grip and Will


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