I know a warrior!!

A small tribute to one of the most amazing warriors I know;

She’s pinned against a wall, beaten down daily, rejected, abandoned, denied, left alone, persecuted and yet … she hopes… she perseveres … she keeps the faith … and she even laughs with joy.


I know there are those praying for her and God is surrounding her with His most powerful angels to watch and guard all that comes against her and that no weapon formed against her will prevail even if for a time these weapons seem successful.

Her strength, her hope, her power, her ability to get up day after day and push through this battle isn’t in her own strength but in the bits and pieces He is giving her to hold onto moment by moment. He is walking with her and holding her.

He is building up a WARRIOR!!!

Oh, she may be little in the eyes of man but so was David when he went out and faced that Giant … with what?

Great man made armor?

No, three small pebbles made by God. And he didn’t even need all three…only ONE… and at the exact moment that God intended that small pebble hurled through the air striking that giant at just the exact spot needed to bring that giant enemy, armed with great man made power, tumbling DEAD to the ground.

So, I am raising my glass, my sword, my hope today in honor of the most amazing warrior I know … HERE’s to her PEBBLE that her God has placed ever so gently into her hand!!!!!!!


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