Beauty Behind Bars at Exit 110; HE SAVED THE DAY!

Do not ever underestimate the POWER of God to do HIS WILL, HIS WAY, in HIS PERFECT TIME. He uses ALL things for the GLORY of GOD to those who love HIM and have been called by HIM.

We entered the gates last night and to our surprise we had been moved to serve in a larger room that was not our regular scheduled room for this night. The small computer education room we usually serve in wasn’t available to us. So we set up for the night in Visiting. We begin putting together a few tables and moving some chairs.

They announce over the intercom system that it is now time for “movement” but that the gym is closed and completely forgetting to even announce our study R.O.C. being there for our Life Group. Knowing that the failure to announce us will most likely result in a smaller turn out plus the fact they moved us from the usually Education room we are normally in, I say, “We may not have a lot of ladies tonight.”

The clang of the first door and through the window we see one our precious sisters jumping, “Yes, Yes!!” JUMPING UP AND DOWN as she can see us through the window. She is extremely excited to see us as she bounds through the door and she is still jumping up and down, as she has to wait for the officers to let her in through the second set of doors. She springs in to tell us how thankful she is as they didn’t have any study the night before and she is so hungry and thirsty to sit and hear his word and study. What a joy it is to watch a sister’s enthusiasm for her KING.

I ask you this, how many people do you see standing outside the doors of the church JUMPING in eagerness to get in to hear HIS WORD? Shouldn’t we too be joy filled and excited to be going to sit before our King and hear Him speaking to us through His Holy Word? This reminds me of Matthew 5:6 where he says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they WILL BE FILLED.”

Another sister walked in and says to us, “You’ll need more chairs and tables they are coming!” The doors started their continuous movement and by the time our worship of HIM started the room was filled with twenty-seven beautiful sisters. Oh, me of little Faith!

When HE comes and enters the gates… they show up. He is calling His daughters to RISE UP!

Our study was a blessing of how He is speaking to us, answering prayers, healing all sicknesses, reuniting families, and moving in the lives of our sisters in prison etc. We learned how the HOLY SPIRIT teaches us ALL things and is with us continually never leaving us nor forsaking us no matter where we are or what situation we are in.

Returning the room back to normal took a little longer than usual, as there were so many tables and chairs moved around. We didn’t leave until about ten minutes past our normal time. This, we found out, was also part of God’s ultimate plan.

During our travel time home we came upon a severe accident on the interstate that had happened about ten minutes before we got there. A trailer had veered off of the southbound lanes going into the traffic on the northbound lanes hitting a semi driver and killing him. The fire and debris also caught two other vehicles. They closed all the lanes to the interstate and so we were stranded. We were able to get off on exit 110 to sit in a truck stop waiting while the medical and emergency crews did their work. In the truck stop we had a waitress come over and take our order and ask us where we were traveling from and why. When given the answer we had just come from the women’s prison she said, “I am in the process of writing a book, Beauty Behind Bars.” She continued to share her story of how she ended up in jail for seven and a half weeks under a false assumption and now how God had in turned used this situation to minister to other women while behind the bars.

Upon eating our food a song on the intercom begins to play, “Saved the Day!” by Philips, Craig, and Dean. Are we the only ones to hear this song or is it truly playing over the speakers?

Rescued from the shackles of my failure
In the dead of night, You shined Your light
Your gift of love is hope that springs eternal
And because of You, all things are new You saved the day

The day You rolled the stone away
The empty grave is there to say
You reign
You saved the day
You tore the holy veil away
You opened wide the prison gates
You saved the day

Oh God, You rescued me
From my iniquities
Your gift of love is hope that springs eternal
And because of You, all things are new

God uses ALL THINGS to bring about HIS GOOD even when the enemy thinks he has destroyed the night. God had the plan covered! He saved the day!


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