Praising or Boasting??? Lest any man, not one, should boast…

Faith is knowing HE will do what He has promised. Standing regardless of what our circumstances look like and knowing it is nothing from our will or ability.

However, one of the greatest tragedies known to man is a person who “claims” to know the Lord and is working in their own strength, efforts, and pride to gain a status from man and or God himself. Who do they think they are fooling?

Don’t we know when we do anything this way it truly blesses nobody. Sure, man may say “Oh, thank you!” but ultimately you just robbed them of a true blessing the same as if you came in and stole something from their home. God sees this stone-cold, pride filled, heart and HE will deal with it.

There was a woman who was getting so much attention and recognition for her great books, speeches, studies, service etc. and people began to really praise this woman for all her knowledge of God. They looked up to her with honor. Come to find out she was plagiarizing books, stealing from others, using their words of knowledge and understanding of the scripture as her own. She didn’t truly “KNOW” the Lord but she knew how to steal “seemingly knowledge” from others and sell it off as her own.

God in His, love and compassion, watched, watched, and than he humbled her because He truly did love her but He did not want her walking on someone else’s knowledge but to have her own. She had to admit to all her failings but God healed her and now is using her His way.

The people whose words were being stolen was a behind the scenes person that most didn’t even hear about but God knew. God often uses those behind the scene for a purpose and it isn’t to bring glory to themselves but for Him and to draw others to Him for His Kingdom.

Think about your reasons and your heart of “why” you are doing something and ask yourself if it really is God working in you or are you craving what God has chosen to gift someone else with?

God knows the gifts He has given to you and not for anyone else but you. Ask Him and He will give to you as James 1 says He will. It is when we come to complete humility, knowing it isn’t in our riches, wisdom, knowledge, strength or any ability of ours the Potter begins to mold the clay. He will use us for His chosen purpose and He will get the Glory. How sweet it is.

So, let’s not boast but for one thing. This one thing is that we know HIM, personally, and this is a Gift He has given unto us.

Let us stand in the faith. May what He calls us to do, we will do, and we will know He is getting the Glory, not us.
Wouldn’t you rather be truly worshipping Him for what He has done for you? Not just what He is doing in others? Remember, if you have been chosen as His child, He cares that much for you too.  Ask Him what His will is for you. He will answer.

You are loved!


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