Let His Worshippers Arise!

Jesus Christ is the One who allows us to have redemption and renewed relationships. He gives us the ability to stand and rise up!  It is not by our strength, or will, but by His power.

Sunday was a blessing, again, and a real testimony of His power and Glory. Thank you everyone for the prayers for the team who went inside the women’s prison. God was glorified. We know many came forward for prayer and we know they will continue to share how God reached out, touched them, and answered many prayers in the weeks to come. We have the promise that His word does not return back void. His Word was declared powerfully by His Holy Spirit.

A lady shared how she had a life of brokenness and addictions but by the steadfastness of our One true God the truth of her Savior Jesus was revealed to her. He has redeemed her. She also shared the hope of her restored relationship with her mother. There was encouragement of how God is able to carry one through those hopes that have not been met yet. She challenged the ladies to believe in the 100% Sovereignty of God in every aspect of their life even when they are now behind bars. It was a message of His Hope, His truth, and His Victory!!

The message of a woman that Jesus saw who had been crippled by an evil spirit for eighteen years was declared (Luke 13:11). This woman was completely bent over and could not straighten up. When Jesus saw the woman, He called her over and said, “You are now well.” He placed his hands on her,  she stood up straight and praised God. The women were encouraged to rise up and look to Jesus for the strength, healing, and victory.  It was a challeng for them to stand and arise in His hope and truth. As the song “Let the Worshippers Arise” played at the end of the worship service the women stood to their feet in praise to Jesus.

Many women were called forward for prayers. They were being called unto repentance. Their pains of lost relationships, fears, sickness, forgiveness were being shown by His light. His Spirit opened their eyes to see His truth. Daughters were asking for prayer for their parents. Mothers were wanting prayers for their children. Sisters were wanting prayers for other inmates. They even prayed for those who are struggling after being released.

We know and believe that Jesus is the One who calls each one out. Our Lord is more than able to comfort, conquer, and restore all of those He has chosen. God is revealing Himself to these ladies. His Holy Spirit  work is going on inside the prison.  Praises to God! God is filling those who hunger and thirst for righteousness with His righteousness. Amen.

Thank you for the prayers and continue to pray for us on Weds. nights as we continue our studies. Pray the women God has chosen will be drawn to hear His truth. Pray for them to not be misled by the mistruths of false studies going inside. May God put a mighty hedge of protection around them and protect His seed of truth that has been planted in these ladies.

God has been Glorified in the women’s prison and He is always mighty to be praised!


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