Domestic Violence is increasing…

Do you know someone who is living in domestic violence. Are you? There is help out there.

We, as His believers, need to reach out and help those in these situations. We need to be there when it seems nobody else cares.

Our Father does care about those living in this daily fear. He has words of TRUTH and healing GRACE for these situations.

The enemy constantly swarms into these peoples lives and makes them listen to an army of lies, “It’s ok, it won’t happen again, I’m sorry, you deserved it, if you were better, if you cooked more, if you were on time, if you weren’t like them, if I would have had a better childhood, if I wasn’t drunk, … if, if, if! But truthfully there is no “IF” that ever makes one deserve to be beaten up by another person, EVER!!!

Please, let’s stand up and speak truth, pray for them, get them help, move them out to safety, and stop the violence. God has placed us in their life’s, there is a reason, we are called to help one another. If you know of someone today, please, let’s together get them the help and safety they need. Let’s stop overlooking, excusing, and denying it is happening.

Stop The Violence

She was a shell
Empty and alone
Where could she go?
Who could she tell?

Was easier to stay
To accept defeat
Everyone told her
That’s the way it should be.

They all looked away
and left her alone
they turned their heads
to any broken bones

They told her to be strong
for that was the plan
Her only goal
should be to please her man

She did her best
She gave it her all
When asked “What happened?”
She said
“Oh, Just a fall”

Years went by
she learned to adapt
she learned how not
to make him mad

She learned how to please
Just what to say
She learned to make sure
HE had a good day

Those looking on could not see?
Would not see?
The pain that was so deep inside of me
Was it easier to just look away?

Distance and time
closed for me
there was a hand that
could be reached

A hand with a face
from the past
A hand that only for a
short time would last

I held on to that hand
with all my might
I pulled myself up
I learned how to fight

A year has past
And now I see
just how wonderful
life should be

Written in celebration of my freedom
Dedicated to the face from the past,
(Someone’s name)


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