Encouragement for Today – In Christ YOU ARE;

Are you having a day of doubt or misunderstanding? Are you struggling with a purpose today? Are you searching for some answers? Do you feel you have been climbing and getting nowhere?

Today, I want to encourage you, and remind you, to simply look at WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST!

Because of Christ YOU ARE able to understand the mystery of the gospel and who Christ is. His Spirit now let’s you understand this mystery where in the old ages they didn’t have this understanding. It was not made known. You get to have Christ personally living INSIDE of you.

You are partakers of His promise.

You are made ministers according the Grace of God by the effectual working of His Spirit.

You have an Eternal Purpose.

You have Boldness.

You have Confidence.

You have Access to the Father.

You are strengthened as He dwells in you.

You have Faith because of Christ.

You are rooted and grounded and comprehend the breadth, length, depth, and height of Christ.

You KNOW you are loved.

You are FILLED with Christ.

You are allowed to understand the plan of GOD for this world.

You now KNOW HE IS ABLE to do exceedingly abundantly above ALL that you ask or think.

Now, lift your head up and shout unto the LORD and GIVE HIM PRAISE!!!

Take time to read Ephesians 3 and let it soak into your bones and marrow and be encouraged, TODAY!


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