Protection Order … was made permanent!

Living in fear from ones abuser sinks into your very core. It is a fear you don’t even realize isn’t normal at times. You could hear a doorknob move and you start shaking. I know as I have lived in this fear before. These past months I have been going to court with a friend who has been living in the fear of abuse, and worse – death, as the abuse has escalated. She had a temporary restraining order but had to go to court to get a permanent Protective Order to restrain her husband from coming near her to abuse or threaten her life again. During these weeks she has prayed a lot, read through the book of proverbs, cried out to GOD daily, and even some days I watched as she felt like surrendering and giving up letting him end her life so it could all be done.

It was a hard trial. It lasted so long as dates and times were postponed and they had an entourage of people from his side who came in and tried to destroy her credibility.

Well, today I am so happy to say that after the weeks of trial hearings, many witnesses and testimonies the Protection Order was made permanent yesterday! We prayed the judges eyes and ears would see the truth past all the lies her abuser was filling the courtroom with and the judge clearly saw the truth. She told my friend she believed everything she said, she saw the darkness of her abuser, and granted her the permanent order, signed and sealed it. They printed off the paperwork, stamped it, and now if he comes near her she has to call the police and they will be there. Praise be to GOD for HE shuts the lions mouths, crushes the enemy, and protects His children.

As I was driving today, rejoicing in the victory of this case, our Lord spoke to me. He revealed, “You know my Protective Order is also permanent!” WOW! He rendered, “When you call upon my name I am there. I signed the permanent seal and came to live in you. It’s permanent. You no longer have to go to battle alone. When the enemy comes and surrounds you call upon Me. I am that I am! There is nowhere you can go from my presence.”

Praise to HIM. He died upon that cross for our PERMANENT PROTECTIVE ORDER and the enemy has no rights to us. We can call upon the LORD always knowing He will hear and answer us. To God be the GLORY.

In HIS constant protection.


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