Kilts on and warrior up … FREEEDOM!

In the movie Braveheart the men got dirty, really dirty, and bloody. They stood in the face of opposition and went forward with the cause they believed in. They were willing to get past the mess and pain to the reason for their cause.

Tonight a lady spoke to us as women and said we need to also get past the blood, sweat, and tears and stand “WITH” each other for the cause of CHRIST and not against each other. We need to be willing to get messy sometimes, get back up, and push forward for the cause of Christ.

Our blood, sweat, and tears may be those “issues” we have with a sister in Christ and we need to lay them down and stand for HIM in the battle. He is our victor and our cause. JESUS paid the price fully so we can have strength, courage, comfort, forgiveness, and the ability to move forward reaching others for HIS KINGDOM!

So, all you ladies out there GRAB THOSE KILTS and shout “FREEDOM” so others can hear you!



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