Obstacles on the path for the GLORY OF GOD!

This week I am reminded how many friends are coming up against some strong obstacles in the path of doing something God has called them to do for HIS GLORY when He has sent them out to share HIS TRUTH with others.

If we read the His word we will see how powerful GOD shows himself beyond the obstacles (Red Sea, Flood Stage River, Giants, Huge Army -wee man Gideon, Elijah and a fire on top of stone and water, Esther and King who would kill her, shipwrecks, prisons, and DEATH on the cross). Every time we will see how the obstacle made it look grim, or hopeless, but GOD just shows off HIS power on the other side.

This is why each time I come up against an obstacle now I say, “Can’t wait to see you show yourself in this one GOD!” HE is GOOD each time after the obstacle.

Don’t run in fear of the obstacle just remember who will show up, and show off, HIS TRUE POWER for HIS GLORY every time. It is so amazing and SOOOO GOD. The enemy likes to try his tactics but God comes and says, “ENOUGH!” and rolls away those stones.


In HIS obstacle crushing grip.


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