You will know them by their FRUIT!

An apple tree does not bear bananas. You can NOT hide the fruit of the tree as it is out there for ALL to see. Claiming to be an APPLE tree doesn’t make you an APPLE tree if your fruit tree is bearing plums.

Trees must be healthy to produce good quality fruit. Weak or diseased trees produce either poor quality fruit or no fruit at all. The first step is to keep trees free from insects and diseases. The entire tree may gradually weaken and die if the severity of the disease increases and no effective control measures are taken. Fungicides can offer significant protection against diseases but are unlikely to be effective if pruning and sanitation are ignored.

How do you keep trees free from insects and diseases? Remove weeds or grass, cultivate, mulch, or apply weed killer.

It is also important to keep the tree well irrigated and property fertilized.

What does this say about our SPIRITUAL LIFE?

We NEED to be watered and saturated in prayer and the word of JESUS which sets us FREE. We need to pull out weeds and unhealthy thinking, actions, lies etc. We need to prune our life with ROMANS 12 through the renewing of our mind by reading His word.

Jesus talked about bearing fruit in scripture and we know when we are NOT growing with the vine and connected to CHRIST we are dying. There is either darkness or light. No excuses!

If you have disease there is only ONE WAY to get rid of it. JESUS – JESUS – JESUS.

Jesus said your sins are forgiven and to GO FORTH AND SIN NO MORE! He did not say good luck in your walk and even if you keep on living in your pit it will go well with you. NO! Jesus tells us to GET OUT, tells us in His word how to GET OUT, and WHEN HE LIFTS US OUT with HIS TRUTH we are than FREE to BEAR HEALTHY FRUIT by HIM. If we live in HIS TRUTH we are showing HIS FRUIT. But if we are listening to self and lies than the fruit we are bearing is going to be sick and unhealthy and it will show itself. You can not stay hidden in darkness as light will reveal the true fruit.

If your fruit tree is sick than look into why is it sick. We will know them by their fruit.

I am not saying because you are sick you can’t bear fruit as I know many people who were dying of cancer and their fruit SHINED WITH GLORY FOR JESUS!! I am saying if you aren’t bearing GLORY for Jesus than spiritually you aren’t healthy. Living for JESUS shines in our fruit whether we are physically sick or not.

It is our SPIRIT fruit that JESUS is talking about.

What is our spirit showing others? Do they see Jesus shining or some other fruit? Out of the abundance our heart our mouth speaks and by our life we show our fruit too. When we look with spiritual eyes Jesus said we will know them by their fruit. And isn’t this so very true?


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