Are you Enslaved or Free?

There are many who are enslaved and they may not even know they are enslaved. They could be enslaved to things they don’t know they are enslaved to.

Fear, shame, doubt, and sin may be the underlying addiction but outwardly come the fruits with addictions, manipulations, bitterness, denial, physical sickness, emotional sickness, and spiritual sickness etc.

All these enslavements are from the enemy. He doesn’t ever want us set free from what holds us in bondage.

Think about your thoughts. What holds you captive? Are you bitter and angry? Are you in denial of something God is wanting you to face yet you are pointing blame to anything and anyone and not owning your own sin?

Jesus came to set us FREE. We have power to be free but some do not want it. They are more comfortable living with what they know than taking the new road to freedom. Misery loves company. Are you in company with misery? Jesus came that we could have life abundantly now. You do not have to wait until we get to heaven to live in victory.

Sometimes health or sickness may not be due to a sin, or from an unhealthy addiction, and by asking God, praying to Him to show you, and truly listening to Him by reading HIS word you will know what the root cause is. He will open your eyes if you let him. The choice is yours. Blind men do not see. Deaf men do not hear. If you want to see and hear the truth than ask Him to heal you.

You can sit in that cave and never get up to see what is out there. You can run, hide, shove all those emotions into the back corner and pretend they are not there. Their stench will hold you in bondage and you will live a life of no freedom.

Are you entertaining evil thoughts? What Movies, music, books are you entertained with? These will not set you free. Doing what you want or thinking you can go off and find God your own way is a lie straight from the enemy himself. There is ONLY ONE WAY and ONE GOD. If you want to know HIM you must read HIS WORD to know His truth.

In 2 Corinthians 10:5 Believers are told to “take every thought captive” that doesn’t conform to Christ’s standards. We must evaluate every one of our actions, desires, and impulses, and bring everything under the control of Jesus. In order to know what JESUS wants you must be in HIS word.

You have the choice to live free as you can surrender all to JESUS and ask HIM to heal you from all unrighteousness, show you His way, seek Him with your whole heart, or deny him, run to the pleasures and lies of the world in hopes of getting your way and making you feel good. This is just adding fuel to the fire and it will keep burning.

His WORD is a double edged sword and it cuts through the lies of the enemy. If you are avoiding the word of GOD you are avoiding knowing your personal savior and the enemy will come in like a thief and steal your peace.

Isaiah 26: 3 says
“You (God) will keep in perfect peace
Him whose mind is steadfast,
Because he trusts in you.

Are you living in peace or turmoil? What is the reason? Even Job in his sickness was at PEACE with GOD and trusting Him. So who are you letting have your peace and joy? Have you let the enemy have it or did you keep it for yourself?

Live FREE in JESUS!! HIS WORD IS TRUTH!! Don’t run from the truth of HIS WORD…run to it! The enemy will lie and tell you that you don’t need to read the word of GOD. He does NOT want you to know the TRUTH and he doesn’t want you free.

GO READ! BE FREE!! And STOP enabling the enemy!

Are you LIVING?

Matthew 4:4
But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’”



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