Hear us from Heaven!

Last night was awesome. Thank you all for praying… it is hard to explain but it is almost as if we feel those prayers as we are walking in the doors.

It is humbling how GOD had put it on both my ministry partner and my heart to have a night of WORSHIP instead of deep study with the ladies. It was a night of praise, worship, and THANKSGIVING!!

I was sitting at home praying around 3:00 p.m. (same time my ministry partner was praying in her end of the city) and felt led to grab an armful of cd’s. She stuck one in her bag too while neither one of us talking to the other not knowing what GOD was planning and not knowing yet what HE was about to do.

See, last week I had ended our lesson saying “next week” we will start on our Emotions. I know to say the LORD WILLING as HE always has HIS plans. We may “think” we have a plan, an action, that we want to accomplish but we must know that NO DOOR God wants open is closed and no door He wants closed is able to remain open. He is in charge.

As we started to worship it happened. Worship filled the room and we didn’t stop. One worship song after another came, we grabbed one cd after another playing, worshipping, kneeling, stomping, crying, laughing, and lifting up the name of JESUS. As we worshipped you all came to my mind as I know you would have loved watching HIM work. We praised and worshipped and with each new song the power of the LORD was clearer.

One song was truly the heart’s cry of these women. It is their prayer, their prayer for all of the women inside the prison. Last night with sixteen ladies we were crammed into a tiny lil’ study room standing against computers, surrounded by multiple tables, bumping into chairs and, yet, it was the greatest sanctuary as they cried out to JESUS and called unto Him. They also cried out for those who don’t know HIM yet, and for our Sunday service to really LIGHT up the prison with HIS presence. It has been so dry in this prison and has been being plowed but now we see the time of HARVEST is soooooooo RIPE for these women.

We stood there looking at the clock last night and realized we only had a short time left as we all were in awe of HIS HOLINESS we began to share, one after another, what we were thankful for. Those healing tears started flowing and thankfulness just poured from their lips. Than we got a lil’ sermonette (is that a word?) from the heart of JESUS himself as my ministry partner started to share her heart. It is as if He gave the ladies a special message right from the mouth of GOD.

I know words can’t explain it as it was so gentle how He ministered to the hearts of the women last night and how we all left encouraged.

Yes, this prison has been a place that seemed hard pressed but NOT crushed, perplexed but NOT in despair, struck down but NOT destroyed! Their souls are being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for them an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as they look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

Again, my ministry partner and I, are blessed by the work of His Holy Spirit and His amazing love. I love JESUS and how much HE LOVES me, us, and all my sisters (and brothers) !! I said to her on the way home, “Now, that was my favorite night!” Yes, I realize every day, each and every moment, with Jesus is my favorite as every moment with my JESUS is the best. In fact right now is my favorite moment with HIM!

Continue praying for GOD to really prepare ye the way, open the ears, eyes, and hearts of the women inside the prisons.

I love you friends and SIBLINGS of mine!


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