praying_hands_bibleWe live in a world that tells us how to dress, think, act, live, or work according to impressing the men around us and more and more it is going against what GOD has planned for our life.
Where is your value? Is your value in your home and neighborhood, a status of where you live, the car you drive, the jobs you have, the position you have, the style or size of clothes you wear, the gym you work out at, the list of friends you have, what you eat, where you shop, where you vacation???
These are the world telling you that if, “IF”, you have certain things or look a certain way than you are of value. This is the enemy lying to you, tempting you, with these things, wanting you to worship these things and than telling you they will be the things to make your life happy and complete so you will no longer struggle. Do you truly believe it? Than why are you living it?
Imagine Christ standing there being told by the enemy ““All this I will give you,” Satan said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”
…” And what was Christ response? ”Away from me Satan,” Jesus said to him, “worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.”
How many today have sacrificed what the enemy presents to you as success, or value, and are bowing to him, the world, friends, etc. instead of ONLY worshipping the LORD and serving GOD only???
I can’t help but think of Christian believers in other countries and how they are not focused on their homes, cars, gyms, diets, clothes, etc. but their hearts and minds are on Christ and trusting HIM completely for their every provision and leaning not on their own understanding or the worlds around them.
We need our mind renewed from the world. Too many so called “Christians” are buying into our world’s way of thinking and are living out what is NOT TRUTH.


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