GOD knew exaclty what he was doing when he was forming in me a stubborn strong willed personality… a mighty head strong will. Oh Yes, it had to be TRANSFORMED by His HOLY SPIRIT to be used by HIM but let me tell you…when I get pushed into a corner… I FIGHT BACK!!! HIS POWER IS MIGHTY!!! I am STANDING UP, stubborn in His truth, again!! I know without this will and Spirit of HIS I would have shut down, gave up, and quit this prison ministry a loooong time ago. But I will continue to fight for the freedom (spiritual) of those women who are locked up inside. Again I see the raging waves coming…but JESUS IS ON MY BOAT!!

The battle is on and the mouth of praise is pouring out right now… FIRED UP!! I am STRONG and MIGHTY in HIS POWER and TRUTH!


Armored up.

Zechariah 12:5 Great strength comes from FAITH IN GOD!!


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