Instruments and Tools

Electric_GuitarRecently my son and I had a discussion on the “electric guitar” as he had someone tell him that the electric guitar was a tool of Satan. We studied the truth of God’s word so we could discuss this accusation.

What is a tool? The 1828 Webster dictionary says that “Men of intrigue always have their tools, by whose agency they accomplish their purposes.”

So we discussed how a knife could too, be used as a tool of Satan. A knife is also a chef’s most valued tool in a kitchen that helps serve up delicious meals so is it a tool of Satan or a tool of a wonderful chef?

Is their music that fails to bring Glory to God and could corrupt the hearts and minds of men? Absolutely! Indeed there are a lot of corrupt songs flowing out over the airwaves today. But I also know many musicians who are using the electric guitar to bring GLORY TO GOD. No where in scripture does it say to NOT use an “electric” guitar or any other instrument to bring HIM praises. An electric guitar is simply an instrument, neither evil or good, but made to accomplish the mans purpose that plays it.

I must ask do you think an acoustic guitar is not evil? Is it less evil when a country song is being played about sleeping with your best friends wife on the acoustic guitar? Is it only when you add “electricity” that it becomes evil?

Where does it say we have to “all” listen to the same kind and choice of music? Did you know that once Handel’s Messiah was thought of as EVIL? I listen to the words that are being spoken. Are they always my “choice” of music? NO! But just because I don’t’ care for a lot of Southern Gospel or Blue Grass music in no way makes their music evil.

So, I ask who makes the “laws or rules” to say that a certain type of music, or instrument, is evil? Is it not the purpose that they are using the instrument for not the instrument itself?

God says the fool in his heart says there is no GOD. So if a fool is singing a song bashing words against GOD than he is using it to promote evil actions. However, if the song is saying they trust in GOD and they give Him Glory is the song still evil because they chose to play it with an electric guitar?

The scriptures also say, “I will sing to the LORD, I will sing; I will make music to the LORD” but it doesn’t state with what type of instruments, or voice, other than a joyful noise, is used.

Scripture talks of lyres, harps and cymbals and four thousand are to be gatekeepers and four thousand are to praise the LORD with the musical instruments I have provided for that purpose.

Men in the bible are found to be rejoicing and blowing trumpets, and having singers with musical instruments. They were skilled in playing musical instruments.

I choose to think of music that is singing the words of scripture or praises to our GOD as not being evil even if an electric guitar is used.

Whether you’re singing acapella with no instruments, rapping with drums in Africa, or playing Contemporary Christian music with a beat and using an electric guitar as unto the LORD you may be making a joyful noise as He is looking at your heart.

His Instrument of life.

Here is a song, with an electric guitar, that is certainly singing praises to our LORD!

KING by Tree 63


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