In order to not repeat a cycle of PERFORMANCE BASED CHRISTIANITY in their life you must tell them “WHO” they are in JESUS, not just what they need to act like .

We can do NOTHING without JESUS but sadly, too often, the church tells us how to “act” verses “who” we are etc. The enemy is hoping we do it on your own, will look good and successful, but than who is getting the glory? Man or God??? The enemy knows we won’t be in victory.

Again, I am reminded that GOD wrote those Ten Commandments KNOWING we were UNABLE to meet them for our righteousness. He wrote them to make us aware of sin. We are incapable of meeting these without the HOLY Spirit’s POWER inside of us. We, humans, cannot ever meet this law. Law is death, but He is LIFE. HIS Life in us living is what gives us freedom…NOTHING we do!! Standing firmly on WHO HE IS in us is where true freedom comes. He said TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE and this is the truth. The enemy makes a list of do’s / don’ts that are all performance based, approval addiction life actions and keeps far too many Christians trying to live their life “LOOKING” good. They will fail every time! Performance based life is living in misery. Trusting and leaning not on our own understanding but knowing who we freely are in Christ Jesus is Freedom and Victory!

In His Freedom.


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