His story!

(Taken from the THORN)

The Arrival
Heaven existed in perfect majesty until one angel fell, defying God and taking many with him. Giving in to the enemy, man’s sin forever separated them from God. But in His goodness God was determined to send a Savior to break the barrier of sin and destroy the power of darkness.


Prophesies of a Savior were passed down from generation to generation, Peoples cries for freedom were answered as the Messiah began to walk among them. When the time was right Jesus was baptized and began His three-year ministry.

Jesus’ ministry was marked by the miraculous; full of Heaven touching Earth. He opened blind eyes, healed the diseased, and befriended the forgotten. But the greatest miracle was that those trapped in sin were forgiven and set free from the enemy’s grasp.

Triumphal Entry
Hailed as King, Jesus entered Jerusalem to the cheers and praise of thousands. But ever mindful of His purpose, Jesus went to the temple to pray. There , Jesus showed His disapproval of man’s greed, as Money changers were scattered in the courtyard.

The Last Supper
After people had welcomed Him with shouts of praise, Jesus and His twelve disciples gathered in an upper room to celebrate. With His closest friends at His side, Jesus offered them communion, prophesied Peter’s denial and confronted Judas’ betrayal.

The Garden
After supper, Jesus took His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. While Jesus prayed He cried out to His Father and cried tears of blood. The battle for Jesus’ life was coming to a head.

Unaware of the ultimate plan of God, the enemy would use one of Jesus’ closest friends against Him, tempting Judas to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Judas led the centurions to the garden where he betrayed the one he had followed.

That night, Jesus was taken to both the Roman and Jewish authorities. Under pressure from the growing mob, Jesus was sentenced to death my crucifixion.

Jesus endured thirty-nine lashes of the centurion’s whip. Then, he carried His cross through the streets of Golgotha, the execution site on the outskirts of Jerusalem. With a final cry of Victory, Jesus said, “it is finished,” and He paid the ultimate price.

Jesus won. He defeated the enemy and paid the price for all Humanity. There must have been confusion in Hell as the Lamb of God took back the keys to sin, death and the grave.


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