Letting go of the ropes!

hand-ropeThere is a story in Mark 2 and Luke 5 where some men are carrying a man who is paralyzed and unable to move. They are unable to get into the house where Jesus is so they climb up the roof and make an opening. It is there they lower this man down and let go of the ropes and he is then set free from his bondage as they too are set free from holding those ropes.

I sit here today and see many friends who are in bondage as they try to hold the ropes of their friends. They are not letting go and laying the burden before Jesus. Only Jesus is able to heal someone and set them free. You become a co-dependent when you do not release those ropes and leave them before Jesus. You are only suppose to carry them to Jesus not continue in a bondage of sympathy with their failure to see Jesus as their true healer and savior.

When you continue to hold ropes for others your back will get tired, your head will hurt, your muscles will be strained and in turn you will, too, become sick. It will start to disrupt your life as all co-dependents have found out. Let go of those ropes, lay them before Jesus, and move on.

Jesus never asked us to continually carry people who are refusing to come to their Savior to meet their needs. We are just to bring them to Jesus and let go, let GOD deal with their hearts, healing, etc. We may continue in prayer but not bondage.

A co-dependent person succumbs to feelings of frustration or sadness over his or her inability to improve the situation when it is not your responsibility to change anyone that is GOD’s! Co-dependents continue to make excuses for this person’s excessive behavior and perhaps defending them. Such behaviors, which may well lessen conflict and ease tension within the family in the short term, are counterproductive in the long term. You may be making excuses for this individual but until you lay them at JESUS feet you will also continue to be in bondage to that rope you are holding onto.

Letting go and letting GOD is the only way for anyone to be free. Jesus sometimes allows all things to fall so that we only have HIM to reach out too. When we realize He is the only savior that is when we are truly set free. Truth is freedom.

If any man or woman keeps looking to some person to deliverer them they will begin to trust in man not CHRIST JESUS.  Think of how many years the Israelites spent wandering out in the desert trying to trust in self,  man, or anything but God their TRUE DELIVERER.

We can’t be anyone’s deliverer or be anyone’s god…there is only ONE GOD and ONE DELIVERER.  No matter how great the man they are all useless gods.

I pray today if you are continually trying to carry a friend’s burden that you will be given strength to let go of the rope and lay them at JESUS feet. HE is their savior – not you!


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