waterWe all have seen the scene in the movie where the man is crawling across the desert floor crying, “Water, water, water!” as his lips crack from each parched word that exits the mouth of his sand covered body.

Every person gets thirsty. We all need water to survive. Without water we die. We can go without food a lot longer than we can survive without water.

Did you know that our bodies are made up of over 70 percent water? That is a lot of water! No wonder we THIRST!

But what do we thirst for? Do we go to other places, back to Egypt, foreign gods, idols to get our water or do we get the Living Water from the one and only TRUE GOD?

Today, as I was reading in Jeremiah 1-4, I saw a picture of people trading their clean, pure, Living water, for other countries inadequate, temporal water. I know from hearing my husband’s stories, who works for the Water Department, how contaminated water can be and how it takes a lot of effort and training to get it cleansed correctly. We know these idols, gods, and dirty water couldn’t even safe the Israelites, it didn’t even quench their thirst for very long, so what was to draw them to it?

Independence? Rebellion? Sin?

Were they so stubborn and pride filled that they thought they could do it on their own, get their own water, their own way?

How many of us go about our life the same way today? We reach out to all these worthless idols in hopes of filling some empty thirst we have deep within us and it may fill us temporarily, for a moment, but we end up being thirsty, again, and again. Doesn’t this ware on the body to be in this vicious cycle of temporary satisfaction?

Do we enjoy it when these false gods are grazing upon our heads, entangling us up in the business of the “world”, and shaving our crowns? Jeremiah 2:16

We are rebellious, stubborn, and forsake the one and only TRUE GOD? Why do we dig our own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water? We reach for other springs instead of the TRUE SPRING OF LIVING WATER!!

Yes, I know these chapters are speaking to Israel but aren’t these words written down for our learning? What may we learn from these truths today to apply to our life? APPLICATION is why the word of GOD was written for our learning so we could apply it to our life today! He is the word is He not? This is the same GOD that the Israelites had that is reaching, teaching, and speaking to us through the words written in Jeremiah.

We must consider how empty, bitter, and evil anything we are reaching out to, in hopes of quenching our thirst, is to our souls. Aren’t we to love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our strength and with our entire mind?

He has given us everything we need, leaving nothing out. He is always with us to fight for us and not let us be overcome. He said He will rescue us, yet we still turn to the things of the world to get comfort and satisfaction. If you look around you today you will see it everywhere. Why do we opt for other things instead of the ONE TRUE GOD to fill any desire and need we have? This in turn is no different than seeing the wickedness of Israel’s backsliding and how they too turned to other countries and entangled themselves up in the customs of Egypt again, and again.

The good news is there is HOPE though … there is always HOPE! See, HE sent JESUS CHRIST, to die for our sins, to raise and conquer death, and now to live within us to help us in our daily battles. He NEVER expected us to stand alone. We must trust not on our own understanding and ways but turn to HIM. We must repent and turn from anything else as He has given us the fountain of LIVING WATER and He alone brings us life and the refreshment necessary to our thirsty soul. Don’t you just LOVE how much HE LOVES US??

God’s word also tells us to break up our unplowed, or fallow, ground and do not sow among thorns. We must weed out, totally, any present practices, plant new seeds of spiritual fruitfulness for GOD. How? Only with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT that comes through repentance and a broken heart. TURN from the old to the new.

So, I encourage you to go plant some Truth in your heart, soul, strength, and mind. Go forth and drink up the TRUTH of HIS WORD today and don’t let any dirty water get into your cistern. Stand on HIS TRUTH and let HIM quench any thirst you have!

Read Jeremiah 1-4


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