Is JESUS your FULL???

full water

There is something that, today, is grieving my heart. I have walked this road of emptiness many times. I was once wrapped in the dust of depression that it left me covered in many times and couldn’t see the sunshine for all the dust in the air around me.

The road is “NEED” and so many are walking on this road without even being aware of it.

These are sisters, and brothers, that are saved and know Jesus died, and rose again. They will come to services and worship with us but they are still trying to get something more, something else, that will fill them and make them feel of worth.

I watch women coming to me with these eyes of “NEED” and I want to meet it but JESUS said, “I AM the ONE!” and HE is. There is ONE answer for ALL. There is nothing that I can do to fill this deep emptiness they want filled. Jesus told us a truth we must believe, “You will never thirst again!”

People have this deep feeling to gain approval and to be needed. We all do, don’t get me wrong, but we must first go to JESUS! HE is the answer!

Some run to friends trying to fill the void up with friendships, relationships, and end up with broken bridges as their life is sucked out in the great need.

Some run to performance of working to get to the top, be the best of the best, and have the most of the most.

Some do hours and hours of service, trying to gain that satisfaction and self worth from serving others, pleasing them, doing for others. Serving is good, please don’t get me wrong, but not when it is being done to fill a void of an empty heart. JESUS must be the full from which we pour forth the service. Not the service from which we try to gain more Jesus. When it is from being FULL on JESUS than the joy is coming forth.

Do you see how some of these are good things that the enemy has used against us? These were NEVER meant to fill that void in our hearts. Works were meant to be the OVERFLOW from JESUS being our FULL.

Some run to the world. We know there is a whole array of things that will easily entangle us with filling up our empty bottle of life. There are drugs, alcohol, houses, clothes, cars, jobs, relationships that distract us from the ONE that truly needs to be our ALL.

Many know who Jesus is but do they KNOW JESUS as ALL?


Is JESUS the first when we get up?

Is JESUS our trust when we face a trial?

Is JESUS our FULL when our heart is breaking?

Is JESUS our ALL and ALL??

The bottle of life that we are filling up has holes left from pains in life that will continually leak out unless we have totally allowed JESUS to take it all and be our FULL.

HE fully heals those HOLES, relieves the pressure, fills us with HIS DESIRES and we OVERFLOW out of HIS POWER not our weakness.

We receive SALVATION for eternity. We are allowed to walk in victory here, now! Our ETERNITY has already begun. We don’t have to wait for FREEDOM and VICTORY to begin as HE CAN BE THAT ALL NOW!!

NOTHING in all our life will be a constant – NOTHING. It all will pass away and become another empty bottle that we drained out.

The enemy would love to keep us distracted with even “good” things but JESUS calls us to HIM telling us we NEVER NEED TO THIRST again as HE truly can be our ALL!!

OUR FULL REST comes when HE has not been replaced by people, things, works, service, just “STUFF”. As I said before the enemy loves to distract us. The enemy wants to destroy us. The enemy has only one goal and will use whatever he can to keep us from FULLY RELYING on JESUS FOR EVERYTHING!

When JESUS is our JOY, and our FULL, and when we get up and live than no matter how full or empty the other things life offers it won’t matter as we have JESUS!!

Trials come but what we run to in the pressure shows where our heart is.

Is Jesus your WORTH?

Is Jesus your APPROVAL?

Is Jesus your FULL overflow?


JESUS may we truly KNOW YOU AS OUR FULL, our ALL, our ONLY and from there let YOU, JESUS, be the overflow from these jars of clay!!!


Full in Him.


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