A Junk Yard Wrench

Ever have a day when things seem to be going fine and all the sudden you find your self with something from your past thrown into your path like a dirty, rusty, wrench from the junk pile?

This is not from GOD but from the enemy. That liar will use people, or things, to try and drag you back to a pit. But the great news and promise is he can’t, we must not allow him to take this Victorious life from us. We have been given power to resist him and he has to flee. Lies from the enemy, no matter the form they come, are just that – LIES! LIES!!

Pit dwellers have no victories and they will sometimes try to take their garbage from the pile, stinky pit, that they are living in and throw it across our path. Pray for them and pray they will have eyes to see and ears to hear and power to stop living in those junk yards. Pray for them to see the TRUTH so they too can be free.

Pick that old wrench up and pitch it back. God scripture is full of Truths telling us to cast the burdens upon GOD, take those thoughts captive, bind on earth. He has scriptures full of what to do with that garbage from the dump of our past life – NOTHING as it is GONE. You carry the keys to the Royal Palace – HIS KINGDOM! If you carry the keys to the Royal Palace why would you try to stick a piece of junk in your pocket? Your name has been written in the book of LIFE!! So how could one little wrench be able to throw you off? Shout the TRUTH and Believe It!

As I thought of this today I pictured a dirty person, or maybe more than one, sitting up on the junk yard pile seeing us walking in freedom and heaving a filthy wrench across our path. And than I just imagined the effort it took for them to pick up that heavy wrench and heave that junk at you? They have to be exhausted. Pray for them. Take the wrench, let Him lift it with HIS power and throw it out of your path and let it be gone as far as East is from West as that is no longer who you are.

So many women I speak with are dealing with people who will try to play this mind game with them all the time. Unforgiveness will grow a root that is the hardest to pull up and you don’t want any of that attachment to be following you in your NEW Life. That is right – you are a NEW CREATION and HE MAKES all things NEW!

Shout, “I AM NEW”

He has forgotten and washed it all away and it is remembered No More!

Shout, “NO MORE!”

People will try. The enemy will try. Don’t let them do it. Resist the enemy and he will flee as that is a promise from HIS WORD. But you have to resist him. Be free and walk in that victory. Walk in freedom, walk in the junk free life that GOD has planned for you and let HIS Spirit soar inside and bring you the joy and peace to fly on the heights of His Freedom.

Thank you Jesus today that because of your amazing sacrifice we are able to walk in Victory and Freedom with you and we are no longer the past, it is gone, but we are the future. We have and walk in the HOPE that is You JESUS.

We don’t do it on our own but you who live through us, with us daily, and NEVER leave us.

We are MORE than overcomers, MORE than conquerors … WE ARE FREE!

To God be all GLORY!


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