The Little Foxes That Ruin the Vineyards!

Song of Solomon 2:15
Catch us the foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines have tender grapes.

So many offenders fall into the vicious cycle of recidivism: a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior ; especially : relapse into criminal behavior.


They do not take their STAND against the enemy serious or maybe they do not see him as a real threat. Maybe they don’t put on the full armor of GOD. Maybe they cower: shrink away or crouch especially for shelter from something that menaces, domineers, or dismays.

Ephesians 6:11 gives us the weapon of defense, exactly what we need to stand against his schemes and that is all they are. They are not truths. The enemy will contrive to wear us out by sending little foxes eating their way into our victorious life if we are not bold enough to take our stand.

We need to have FAITH TO STAND!! Ask Him to increase your FAITH!

We must believe that we have the power to stand up to any spiritual force from the enemy. Christ has already defeated the enemy but our human tendency is to give in or ignore these battles in hopes that they will just go away.

Anytime we do not take our STAND against the enemy, with the full armor of God, we have give the enemy a foothold. We end up walking around with an ankle bracelet that is holding us captive when we could be walking in complete victory daily.

We don’t have to fear him as he has already been defeated but we also must realize, open our eyes, and see that he is waiting, prowling like a roaring LION to devour anyone who will let him.

Do you fear the enemy more than GOD?

Do you know God’s breath is more powerful than the enemy?

We need to quit bowing to the enemies lies, tactics, and quit letting him get his little foxes into our vineyards. Notice, too, that it says foxes. That means more than one.

This is what we are doing in prison ministry today. We are going in, teaching these women how to battle the enemy, the enemy that is trying to eat, little by little, away at their vine of victory.

Cry out to GOD and tell Him to get the FOXES out of your vineyard and don’t ever be afraid to STAND UP!!

FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT of Faith!

(below are from some commentary notes)

Christ is the Rock, in whom alone she can think herself safe, and find herself easy, as a dove in the hole of a rock, when struck at by the birds of prey.

Christ calls her to come boldly to the throne of grace, having a great High Priest there, to tell what her request is.

Speak freely, fear not a slight or a repulse.

The voice of prayer is sweet and acceptable to God; those who are sanctified have the best comeliness.

The first risings of sinful thoughts and desires, the beginnings of trifling pursuits which waste the time, trifling visits, small departures from truth, whatever would admit some conformity to the world; all these, and many more, are little foxes which must be removed.

This is a charge to believers to mortify their sinful appetites and passions, which are as little foxes, that destroy their graces and comforts, and crush good beginnings.

Whatever we find a hindrance to us in that which is good, we must put away.

He feedeth among the lilies; this shows Christ’s gracious presence among believers. He is kind to all his people.

Christ will come over every separating mountain to take us home to himself.


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