You only need THE ONE!!!

The stories this year that I have heard of brokenness would overpower me with pain and sorrow if I didn’t know my JESUS, the Savior of the world, who stepped down from HIS HOLY THRONE to save the lost, the broken, and the sick.

JESUS has now empowered us with HIS HOLY SPIRIT to go forth and share this TRUTH that has set us free, free from the bonds that held us captive to sickness and death, and we must share His TRUTH with others and not keep it hidden on a hill.

Let HIS SPIRIT soar and set free the captives. RELEASE them from their chains and prisons. Isaiah 61 & Psalm 142

Those in prisons (whether with physical bars or inside their own broken hearts) can be FULLY free knowing that they could be HIS now. Nothing from their past will be held against them, once they repent-believe-recieve, and all sins will be as far as East is to West and He will remember it no more. They will be set FREE!! There is nothing they can do to earn it. It is FREE!!

We, who are children of GOD – THE KING and are FREE, don’t NEED anything else to make us feel worthy as HE IS our HOLY ALL in ALL!! We can now cling to HIM alone! AMEN!

Are you hungry? HE will feed you as HE feeds the birds of the air and not one falls to the ground without HIM knowing it.

Are you thirsty? HE IS LIVING WATER and promises we will never thirst again. HE FILLS AND FILLS and keeps our lives full.

Are you lonely? HE is closer than a brother and will NEVER leave you or forsake you or bring up sins again and again like man does. You are NOT a sum of all your sins. You are FREE.

Are you sad? He is JOY – JESUS OUR YOKE!!

Are you poor? He will make you RICH!

Are you broken? He will MEND and BIND.

Are you worried? He has it all in HIS HANDS- no plan of HIS can be thwarted.

Are you sick? He will HEAL.

HIS GRACE is always sufficient for us.

The things we cling to in this world will fade away and be gone tomorrow but HIS LOVE, GRACE, & TRUTH lasts forever.

Are you feeling too dirty to come before the King? He says to COME AS YOU ARE!!

There is only ONE that can do it ALL for you and His name is JESUS!


I am praying your eyes, ears, and heart will be OPENED to hear, see, and know HIS TRUTH – not the legalistic bonds and chains of man, but that you will know HIS TRUTH and be set FREE so you can dance with your FATHER GOD in fields of GRACE!!

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