The Enemy has been defeated!!!!!!!!!!!

I see, and hear, of far too many living in defeat today and they are forgetting that the enemy has already been defeated!

The enemy will constantly want you dwelling on all your worthlessness, inabilities, past pains, past sins, and living in darkness trying his hardest to keep you down in the pit. But GOD says HE LIFTED us out of that PIT and put us on thee ROCK (Him) to stand secure and free! We are NOT WORTHLESS and are FREE in CHRIST and our slates are clean no matter how many times the enemy brings it up or tries to get others to tell us over and over about our shame. IT is washed and GONE as far as EAST is from WEST!! Throw the LIES of the enemy back. SHOUT GRACE washed me !!!

You are not worthy, you’re sinful, your shameful, you are embarrassing, your ugly etc. These are all lies the enemy wants us to live in. The truth says in Romans 8 “ALL RIGHTEOUS REQUIREMENTS ARE FULLY MET BY THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS” AMEN!!! Shout that back at the enemy when he gets you in a pit of lies. Shout I am FREE in Christ JESUS and I walk in HIS VICTORY !!!

Remember today that the enemy has been defeated and death can’t hold Jesus down and now has no power over you who are in CHRIST JESUS!!!

Shout the truth today, “I am in Christ Jesus and I am FREE!!!”

photo taken by a friend
Terry Kruse – Clive, Iowa
copies may be ordered

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